5 Tips to Growing Out Your Pixie

Have that “short hair, don’t care” confidence while growing out your crop with these five workable tips.

Got yourself a fresh crop a few months ago but a bit unsure about its awkward growing phase now? Make sure you’re keeping your hair healthy with the right products and tools, and you’ll get through this hair transition in no time. Ahead, five ways you can embrace when growing out your pixie cut.

GlamAsia - 5 Tips to Growing Out Your Pixie - Pixie - 2 Avoid a shapeless hairstyle by getting a trim especially at the back (©korabkova/Depositphotos)

Keep Your Hair Healthy

Don’t succumb to neglecting your hair just because you’re growing it out. Keep your mane healthy by getting regular hair treatments. You can also do this at home with certain products, like a hot oil or hair spa. This will not only make your short hair shiny and lively, it will also become more manageable as it grows out.

Have a Trim

Avoid a shapeless hairstyle by getting a trim every now and then, especially at the back. The aim is to grow out your front and top part so it falls cleanly and neatly as it reaches chin length. This will even out your layers, which can eventually lead to a nice bob.

Play with Hair Accessories

A scrunchie may not be necessary at this point, but you have a stash of other hair accessories waiting to be used. Use a headband if you want hair away from your face, just apply some hair polish on the ends of your hair to avoid any frizz. You can also part your hair to the side and clip it up with a bobby pin – or even a barrette, if you’re going for a wavy ‘do.

Use a Curling Iron

At this stage, your curling iron can be your best friend as it will help give your locks texture and volume. Apply hair wax then scrunch your way to a effortless waves. Make sure you also apply a heat protectant to your hair before curling to keep it nourished.

Experiment with Hairstyles

How did actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway get through growing out their pixie cuts? They experimented with a number of hairstyles, which made the process more fun and happening. Fake an updo by pinning your lower and back hair parts, and let your front layers and bangs fall nicely; spritz on hair spray to hold. If you want an easy sleek style, simply comb hair back and apply gel to keep it smooth.

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