Makeup Tips to Make You Look Younger

Follow these five easy ways to enhance your facial features and look as youthful as ever.

Some say that wearing makeup adds years to your face. But on the contrary, it can also bring out your best features. With the right tools and techniques, makeup will not only make you look more beautiful, but also youthful. Always remember, you should not always rely on makeup as your fountain of youth, because an effective skincare regimen still tops it. But there is no harm in getting a little bit of help in the makeup department, though. Ahead, five tips on how to apply makeup and still look your age — or even younger.

GlamAsia - 5 Makeup Tips to Make You Look Younger - Woman - 2Mixing in a bit of shimmer to your look won’t hurt to brighten your face (©heckmannoleg/Depositphotos)

Prep Skin Before Applying Any Makeup

If you think foundation is enough as your makeup base, think again. It’s not enough to hold the moisture that your skin needs when you go on a full made up face. Always remember to moisturise first before putting on any makeup, to avoid any dry areas that could magnify fine lines.

Don’t Overdo Your Brows

Too obsessed in getting that perfect arch? Careful, as you might end up over plucking or having dark blocks as eyebrows, which can make you look older. Instead, follow the natural shape of your brows and only pluck the stray hairs, then brush upwards with an eyebrow brush. Fill in uneven areas with an eyebrow pencil in a shade lighter than your hair colour, then brush up to spread.

Apply Blush Higher on Your Cheeks

Instead of applying blush diagonally, as if drawing a straight line, gently whirl your brush from the ear to your mouth. Make sure you go higher as this will instantly lift your cheeks, allowing you to look like you’re glowing. Avoid blush shades that are too dark, as this will only age your face.

Don’t Thicken Your Eyeliner

While wearing eyeliner enhances the shape of your eyes, going too dark — and not blending well — weighs down not only your eyes, but also your face. Line your upper and lower lids carefully, then smudge — as if drawing dots — to soften the look. Opt for a dark brown colour instead of black to lessen the intensity of your look.

Add Some Shimmer

Always been a fan of matte makeup? No worries, we appreciate it too. But mixing in a bit of shimmer — like on inner corners of your eyes — to your look won’t hurt to brighten your face. You can also dab some shimmer on your brow bone or the top of your cheeks, for a highlighting effect.

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