5 Habits That Are Killing Your Productivity

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Anyone who says they’ve never caught the procrastination bug is lying.

All throughout school and your career, you’ll definitely hit productivity bumps, but it’s not impossible to get through them. Are these habits causing problems to your workflow?

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Doing work in your bedroom

We know how tempting it is — you’ve got lots of pressing deadlines to worry about, and sitting in bed can give you a sliver of comfort in the midst of all this work. Pretty soon you’ll start feeling sleepier, get comfier and eventually find yourself falling asleep on your papers. Your brain sees the bedroom as a space of relaxation and peace, which might not be particularly helpful when you’re trying to get work done. Move your workspace out of your comfy bedroom, so you can get a solid rest once you’re all done.

Checking social media

So you’ve settled into your desk, ready to tackle a mountain of work, when your phone lights up with a Facebook notification. Checking that notification turns into scrolling through your newsfeed, and then switching apps to check that other notification from Twitter, and then scrolling through your timeline — it’s a downward spiral of unproductivity, and we’ve all been there. The fix is easy enough: switch to airplane mode on your phone (or turn off all app notifications), put it out of sight, and get to work.

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