7 Beauty Hacks You Should Try This Winter

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Your winter beauty regimen should be more strategic than your summer regimen to ensure your skin is protected.

Traveling to a winter climate this season calls for a change in your beauty regimen. Harsh winter weather can dry your skin and your hair, so to look your best, it’s essential that your beauty regimen takes into consideration the harsh weather conditions. Fortunately, you can continue to look your best while pampering your skin and hair with these seven beauty hacks for winter.

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Protect Your Cuticles with Lip Balm 

Lip balm is a great way to protect the sensitive skin on your lips from chapping. It’s also a great way to protect your cuticles from splitting, which can be painful. To ensure your lips and cuticles are protected, apply lip balm evenly over your lips and cuticles to ward off dry skin.

Add Baby Oil After Your Shower for Added Moisture 

Your skin is more prone to dryness during the winter months. Dry skin isn’t simply irritating; it’s dangerous. It can easily lead to sores and patchy skin. To avoid this look, apply baby oil to your skin following a shower. Make sure you do so while your body is still damped to lock in moisture. Once applied, dry off like you normally would and feel the difference in your skin.

Use Creamy Makeup for a Flawless Look 

Powder makeup doesn’t give a polished look in the winter. In fact, it can give the appearance that your makeup is sitting atop your skin, instead of blended. To ensure you have a flawless look, try creamy makeup during the winter months. Creamy makeup gives you the coverage you need by seamlessly blending with your skin.

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