Best of Glam 2016: Beauty

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Round up the year with 10 of GlamAsia’s best beauty stories of 2016. 

Before the year ends, we look back at 10 of our best GLAM beauty stories for the year. From Southeast Asia makeup gurus we enjoy following on Instagram to bridal manicure inspiration, here’s a recap of our top 10 beauty stories of 2016.

GlamAsia - Best of Glam 2016: Beauty Stories - 1  (©vladimirfloyd/Dollar Photo Club)

1. 5 Southeast Asia Makeup Gurus We Stalk on Instagram

Experimenting with makeup is absolute fun for us, but there are moments when we feel stuck in the same old routine. These five Southeast Asia makeup gurus are the ones you can turn to for makeup advice or a serious technique boost.

2. 5 Superfoods Found in Your Beauty Products

You may have never guessed it but yes, natural foods that you consume have found their way into your beauty products. These five superfoods are the key ingredients to having luminous and radiant skin.

3. Are You Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Properly?

Nothing can be too tedious for you if it means having clean and clear skin. By making sure you clean your brushes properly, you can prevent unwanted breakouts and keep your beauty tools in good condition.

4. 5 Beauty Staples You Should Own by the Time You’re 25

Hitting 25 means you have to be wary not only of your skincare routine, but also your beauty ritual. Take a look at your dresser and see if you’ve already got these five beauty staples on hand.

5. Foolproof Steps to the ‘No Makeup’ Look

Think you have mastered the barely-there makeup look? No worries, you can always go back to our tips on nailing that ‘no makeup’ look.

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