Your Chinese Zodiac Forecast for 2017

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Here’s a look at your Chinese Zodiac forecast for 2017, courtesy of Way Fengshui Group.

What’s in it for you in terms of your luck, wealth, romance, career, health and academic success next year? To help you get a gauge of what you might potentially expect in the New Year, Way Fengshui Group – the largest and most established fengshui consultancy in Singapore – let us in on our Chinese Zodiac forecast for 2017. Below, discover tips, your auspicious number, and more.

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With a middling luck cycle, it’s best to give more effort to your career and academic pursuits for 2017. While your lucky stars will bring about personal celebrations and joyous life events, expect to encounter some down moments too. Open communication is key for you to prevent misunderstandings. Your auspicious number is 5.


A gathering of unlucky stars creates pitfalls for your health and wealth, but you should be able to resolve these challenges. Make family your first priority, as they will help you overcome these difficulties. However on a more positive note, your career will be smooth-sailing and you will excel academically too. Your auspicious numbers are 7 and 10.


2017 is looking good for you as it promises better fortune, career and academic success, and great luck in the wealth sector. You can also look forward to growing your investments. To give your career and relationships a boost, look for opportunities to improve your skills and qualifications. But be mindful of overworking; take care of your diet and sleep routine, and watch out for health issues such as kidney stones or gallstones. Your auspicious number is 7.


By clashing with multiple unlucky stars, you may experience a rough year ahead. Fret not, managing your wealth and career will keep you on your toes, and you should not to let the pressure affect your personal life. Stay positive and surround yourself with good company. Your auspicious number is 12.


As the top of the class in 2017, you’ll see a string of successes and good fortune across all categories: wealth, romance, academics and career. Avoid making changes to your living environment such as moving houses or having renovations. Prosperity will fall into your lap and benefactors abound. Share the blessings you have received through charitable deeds. Your auspicious numbers are 5, 7, and 10.


The New Year brings a sudden turn in your luck cycle but don’t be discouraged. Keep a low profile and avoid saying things you will regret later on — you should come out stronger. Be sure to consult trusted friends and professionals for your investments, and exercise regularly to uplift your mood. Your auspicious numbers are 7 and 10.

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