5 Hidden Wedding Costs to Take Note Of

Make sure you take note of these five unexpected costs that are make wedding budgeting a little bit trickier.

When budgeting for your wedding, don’t forget to add on the nitty-gritty details because they can add up to a lot. Every step you make towards the big day requires expenses that you and your fiancée should look into to avoid overspending. Here are five hidden wedding costs that you should take note of before proceeding with the next stage of your wedding planning.

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Out-of-town fees

If you’re looking to hold a destination wedding, consider out-of-town fees. Suppliers would usually charge you this because it would require them extra time, effort, and money just to render their services for you. Try getting suppliers from where your wedding will be held. If not, immediately ask your chosen supplier regarding their out-of-town rates.

Supplier meals

It takes a village to run a successful wedding because of all the people involved in the preparations all to way up to your wedding day. Make your suppliers feel how you value them by making sure their meals are provided for to keep them satisfied — and energised — for your busy day. Provide them quality meals by allotting a food budget for them, which doesn’t necessarily have to be costly.

Going overtime

Planning to hold your wedding reception in a hotel or event venue? If yes, make sure you clarify their rules and regulations on event duration to see if they have overtime charges. You don’t want to be the party pooper in your own reception. It’s best to gauge how long it will be, and prepare for any additional costs.


Want to bring your own alcohol? Some venues charge for that. Consider your venue’s corkage fees first before bringing in all the booze.

Your wedding underwear & accessories

Confirming on your wedding gown is not enough to say that you’re already done with your bridal look. You won’t feel completely confident on your wedding if you’re not in chic yet comfortable underwear — or shapewear, if necessary — so include this in your shopping budget. While jotting this down, you might as well include your wedding day robe and accessories too.

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