Strange Beauty Shopping Habits You Never Knew You Had

You may or may not be practising one of these five strange beauty shopping habits.

Over the years, beauty shoppers have become more and more critical in buying the right beauty products. Who can blame us, really? There are just too many beauty brands out there vying for our attention. In the process, we have developed some pretty unusual shopping habits. Are you guilty of unconciously practising one of these five habits?

GlamAsia - Strange Beauty Shopping Habits You Never Knew You Had - Woman shopping You always tend to smell a beauty product while shopping (Photo by: Minervastock/depositphotos)

You always smell a product before buying

You may not realise it but you will always smell a product especially when you’re buying from the beauty section. This is your way of “discovering” a new product and make conclusions based on its scent. Yeap, even if the product is already labelled as ‘fragrance-free’, you still can’t resist to give everything a whiff.

You maximise the use of testers

Whether it be a lipstick, foundation, or eyeshadow, you can’t leave the store without testing any products — even when you’re not particularly looking at buying it. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll buy something right away, unless you’re convinced you should by just looking at the product on your skin. Claims that you’ve heard of the product — no matter how credible — don’t really matter to you unless you’ve seen them yourself.

You don’t read and understand the labels

We know, it can be quite taxing to read the labels all at once, so you only get to pick up key words or terms that are familiar to you. You tend to generalise a product just by these few terms when it’s really more than that. It’s still best to read and understand labels clearly, even if it takes some googling on your smartphone, because they contain vital information that will do your vanity good.

You equate a product’s thickness with its potency

When testing products like moisturisers or lotions, you rub your fingers to get a feel of its thickness against your skin. If it feels watery, you immediately assume that the product is not as effective, but then you think otherwise if it’s more viscose. Don’t forget: a product doesn’t always need to be jampacked with ingredients just to be considered potent. So it’s still better to read the labels carefully so you understand the nature of its consistency.

You act like you know the product more than the salesperson

Sometimes you can’t help but pass judgement on the salesperson who is assisting you in shopping for a new lipstick or BB Cream. It’s okay to not immediately trust a product you’re about to try, just make sure you don’t pre-judge it either. Sure, salesmen and women may be selling you a product, but they are also well-trained on the product they’re delegated to sell. If you feel that they are not helping you enough, always read the labels first.

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