Improve Your Metabolism With These Foods

Boost your metabolism and reach your fitness goals with these five foods.

Losing all those unnecessary fat can be tough when you’re on the road to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But if you’ve started on the right foot, you should also keep in mind that having a fast metabolism would help you a lot in reaching your fitness goals. With regular exercise and incorporating these five foods in your diet, you can slowly improve your metabolism and live healthily.

GlamAsia - Improve Your Metabolism With These Foods - FoodsBrown rice, chilli peppers, and tuna are some foods that can improve your metabolism

Chilli Peppers

Chilli peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin, which boosts your hormones and heart rate, allowing your body to burn more fat. It is also said that chilli pepper curbs your cravings, therefore helping you avoid overeating. So the next time you have your meal, add some zing to it and pump up your metabolism by garnishing some green or red chilli peppers on it.

Brown Rice

Unlike white rice or white flour, brown rice is an unrefined and non-processed source of carbohydrates. Because it is free from unhealthy additives and chemicals, it is easier to break down and digest in your body. Brown rice is also high in fiber and stabilises your insulin levels, which helps speed up your metabolism.


Most of us can’t function without coffee because of its stimulating benefit. Aside from this, another thing to love about your cup of Joe is its ability to amplify your metabolism by regulating your insulin. Just make sure to lessen the sugar and milk you put in it, because doing so will make it more effective and low in calories.


Spinach is high in fiber, thus contributing to burning fat faster when consumed. It is also a good source of iron which sustains healthy blood flow, that helps increase your metabolism. Now we know why Popeye becomes stronger when he eats his spinach.


Tuna is a reliable source of omega-3, a type of fatty acids that incite leptin production, a hormone that makes you feel full so you don’t overeat. It is also a protein-enriched food which helps speed up your metabolism and energy levels.

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