3 Reasons Why We Love The Clarins Double Serum

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Here’s why the Clarins Double Serum is one of the best anti-agers in the market.

Since its debut in 1985, the Clarins Double Serum — the first double serum with separate oil and water phases — has withstood the test of time, proving itself a skincare classic for almost three decades.

Its formulation may have been improved consistently throughout the years, but without a doubt, the Double Serum is unrivalled when it comes to anti-aging — exactly what we need for our skin to defy the signs of aging and preserve youthful vitality. Ahead, we give three reasons why all women from age 25 and above should include the Clarins Double Serum in their beauty regimen.


Enjoy Two Anti-Aging Formulas In One Bottle 

The Double Serum uses the benefits of water- and oil-soluble ingredients. But how do they successfully combine into one formula to give you the best skincare solution? They simply don’t. The water- and oil-soluble ingredients are stored in separate vials with a unique pump system within the bottle. The result is a precise amount of formula each time you pump out the product, allowing them to perform optimally on your skin. It’s double the anti-aging formula, double the anti-aging power.

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