What Your Horoscope Says About How You Face Challenges

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Could your horoscope be the reason why you face challenges a certain way?

Seeking your star sign might just shine light on how you face life’s challenges. Here’s how you cope with all those stressful stumbling blocks you constantly face according to your zodiac sign, and what you can do to surpass them in a healthy way.

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You’re used to being Superwoman who likes to take charge (you are the leader of the zodiac signs, after all). But when your energy runs out, you tend to feel stressed about everything that still needs to be done, and you feel like you’re letting yourself and others down. 

Tip: Relax. It’s the only way to replenish your energy. Give yourself at least one day a week to rest. Either do nothing, or do something that gives you pleasure. 


You’re a perfectionist and just the idea of failing already freaks you out. So when you’re faced with a challenging task, you fear you’re just going to mess things up, or you might not be able to finish everything on time.

Tip: Take a breather. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect and that failing is a part of life. Look at your ups and downs as opportunities for learning and growth.


You can’t seem to stop your mind from thinking about well… everything. And to cope, you like to talk about those thoughts. But when a conversation isn’t going your way, you tend to lose your cool.

Tip: Match your active mind with an active body. Release your pent up stress along with your worries by working out. Run, jog, swim or hike. If you want to exercise your mind, find a venue where there are lots of people who can meet your conversational needs.  


You tend to bottle up your feelings and emotions and put up a tough front in order to not feel misunderstood. And if you keep these walls up, you’re only building one destructive ball of stress.

Tip: Connect with yourself. Practice yoga or do some meditation exercises.


You’re a control freak and you go nuts when something goes unplanned. You NEED to be leader in groups in order to have complete control. A laptop crashing or not finding a certain document might just lead to a breakdown.

Tip: Learn to let go. Accept things you cannot change and learn to trust in the fact that other people are just as capable as you are.


Spontaneity isn’t your thing. You like to go over every single detail before making a decision and you actually thrive in solving problems. But when it comes to your own problems, you find it extremely difficult to find a solution.

Tip: Before fixing other people’s problems, deal with your own first. And stop overthinking things. When you let go and stop being so critical about yourself, you might just enjoy what you’re doing.

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