6 Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

These six techniques will not only liven up your home, but also give it a positive ambience.

Have you noticed that when the weather gets gloomy, you somehow feel down too? This goes the same for your home. Home is the last place you’ll be in after a long day’s work, so if anything, it should keep you relaxed. When you have a cosy, well-lit home, you attract positive vibes that will uplift your spirits. Create a more productive home environment by brightening it up with these six ways.

GlamAsia - 6 Tips to Brighten Up Your Home - HomeWhen you have a cosy, well-lit home, you attract positive vibes that will uplift your spirits (©rashch/depositphotos)

Clean up

The first step to making your home bright and spacious is to keep it tidy and dirt-free. Clean by area and throw away all unnecessary clutter that weighs down your room’s luster – yes, those old notebooks from college must go.

Invest in good lighting

Review the lighting in your rooms at home and assess if it is sufficient for reading, working, eating, and so on. If you find it too dim, have it replaced with brighter ones such as white LED lights.

Repaint your walls

Just like fashion trends, we sometimes give in to some interior design trends that can be a mistake in the long run. Give your dark walls a makeover and paint them in a light colour such as white or pastel colours. You’ll be surprised with how bright your room will look after. If you love your midnight blues and greys, instead of painting the entire room in a singular tone, make sure you punctuate with bright tones for a perkier look.

Change your curtains

Instead of just relying on thick, heavy curtains, add another layer of sheer curtains to let more light in whenever you like. You can still play around with printed or colourful curtains as long as they are lucid and work with your colour scheme.

Display plant pots

Adding a reasonable number of plants or flowers in your home is a refreshing way of sprucing things up. Remember to situate the plants in room corners or on tables to keep your area interesting and festive.

Have light-coloured furniture

Adding a white couch or chair to your living room instantly neutralises and brightens up your space. You can also place light-coloured wood shelves in your home office to make your books stand out.

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