Trending Beauty Products Around The World

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From Asia Pacific to the UK, these are the trending beauty categories around the world.

In a short span of three years, the beauty department of luxury e-tailer, has grown tremendously. From an inventory of nine brands to a remarkable 200 brands today, Net-A-Beauty ventured into a highly competitive market and – just like its womenswear counterpart – succeeded in becoming a go-to destination for beauty.


With popular brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Hourglass and BeautyBlender, to cult brands like Rahua, Kjaer Weis and Cleanse by Lauren Napier, there’s no doubt that Net-A-Beauty is at the forefront of beauty. So when it comes to talking about trending beauty products around the world, these ladies — and gentlemen — know what they’re talking about. So read on to find out what are the types of beauty products that are trending around the world at this moment, according to Net-A-Beauty.

World’s Best Performing Category: Lipstick

glamasia-trending-beauty-categories-around-the-world-burberry-beauty-lip-velvet-fuchsia-pink-no-418-and-lipstick-queen-belle-epoque-tinted-lip-balm-in-belle-wineBurberry Beauty Lip Velvet in Fuchsia Pink, USD27 (; Lipstick Queen Belle Époque Tinted Lip Balm in Belle Wine, USD20 (

At a media luncheon held in Singapore last week, Senior Beauty Merchandiser for Net-A-Beauty, Sophie Bottwood, revealed that lipstick is a top performing category around the world. Pink lipstick is the best selling shade in all countries, except for France (which is red, of course). While customers in the UK and Europe region prefer bright and bold shades like fuchsia pink, customers in Asia favour berry tones.

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