An NYFW Day In The Life Of A Fashion Blogger

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Ever wondered what really goes on in a day at NY Fashion Week? Fashion blogger Heidi Nazarudin a.k.a The Ambitonista gives us a glimpse into hers.

When we look at a fashion blogger’s social media posts during fashion week, it seems like a series of endless avocado toasts at beautiful hotels, perfect street-style photos and front row seats at to-die-for runway shows. Is NYFW really as glamorous as what these bloggers’ Instagram feeds made it out to be?

glamasia-an-nyfw-day-in-the-life-of-a-fashion-blogger-1Fashion Palette Spring/Summer 2017 (Photo by: Kayla Watkin)

Being a fashion blogger is a bit like being a modern-day Renaissance woman. You have to be both a stylist and a model, a photographer and an editor, a writer and proofreader — all at the same time.

The typical NYFW day lasts about 20 hours — yet as a fashion blogger you need to appear stylish and well rested at all times. Here’s my take of a typical day at Fashion Week as a fashion blogger.


I wake up, shower, and find coffee. While I get my hair and makeup done, I review my agenda of the day and reply to any urgent emails, schedule photos to go out and respond to social media posts.

glamasia-an-nyfw-day-in-the-life-of-a-fashion-blogger-2(Photo by: Sabrina Hill)


I have breakfast with the team to discuss the shows we need to cover for the day. By breakfast I mean downing my second cup of coffee and maybe have a banana. We generally cover anywhere between four to six shows in different locations all over the city. We organise who goes where, and who is responsible for photographs and write-ups for each show.

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