New In: 5 Latest Fragrance Drops

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Looking to refresh your fragrance wardrobe? From Chloẻ to Loewe, here are five newest designer fragrances to choose from.

Tired of your usual scent or simply itching to try a new scent apart from your signature one? We’ve got you covered thanks to these designer brands on a continuous effort to develop fragrances that suit different personalities and lifestyles. Ahead, we round up five of the latest designer fragrances that could go neck and neck with your style or preference.

Chloẻ Fleur de Parfum

GlamAsia - New In: 5 Latest Fragrance Drops - Chloe Fleur de Parfum Chloẻ Fleur de Parfum, SGD147 for 50ml

Chloẻ Fleur de Parfum is a new variation of the brand’s 2008 fresh and floral signature scent, the Chloẻ Eau de Parfum. Still at the heart of this scent is the Chloẻ rose that gives off that rich and soft smell, a sensual concentrate that proves to be skin-deep.

Together with this, it is also comprised of fruity tonalities and almond notes diffused by cherry blossoms, an unforgettable sweet touch. Spritzing on this scent is like receiving a floral bouquet with a subtle combination of elegance and sensuality.

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