Glam Talk: Who Should Be Banned From Fashion Week?

From The Leaner to The Debbie Downer, we identify six types of people who should never be seated at the front row ever again.

When you’re not strutting down the catwalk and merely just a spectator, we understand that it’s all about location, location, location. And we get it. You’re a VIP when you’re seated at the front row – that’s prime runway real estate property right there. But since you’ve been given such a privilege, we think some form of etiquette should be observed. Because we are opposed to sartorial sacrilege of any form (and obviously jealous of anyone who gets to attend fashion week), we’re identifying the types of people who should never be seated at the front row ever again.

glamasia-types-of-people-who-should-be-banned-from-fashion-week-1Rebecca Minkoff Spring/Summer 2017

The Leaner

Yes, you’re excited and you want to see every stitched stone and sequin, and other details (including Kendall Jenner’s face) up-close. But when you’re leaning too much or your pointed-toe pumps are dangling too close to the ramp, you might just look like you want to either kiss the runway or worse, trip the models.

The Space Hugger

It’s understandable. There is very little bench space to fit all the fashion influencers – so please, respect each other’s space. No bringing of oversized handbags that can take the space of an entire seat. Take note: stealing extra space will not guarantee you an extra goodie bag.

The Frustrated Videographer

Can you really enjoy a show when you’re too busy filming and snapping every bit of the presentation? Get real. No one will appreciate your 153 blurry Instagram photos and out of focus videos. Revel in the awesome experience that is Fashion Week by simply taking a few souvenir photos, then focusing on watching and enjoying the show.

The Commentator

It’s not a sporting event so no one needs a play-by-play account of what is happening. Don’t annoy your seat mates with all the commentaries and the “oohs and ahhs”. Save it for your blog or for a post-interview with the media.

The Runway Blocker

The front row is not the place to go overboard with accessories. Wait until you’re outside to slip on your tall-ish new hat so you don’t block the view of the guest seated behind you.

The Debbie Downer

Others would kill to be in your seat, so be a grateful audience member. Even if you are unimpressed and bored with the designer’s collection, don’t show it. If you’re not feeling chummy with your seat mate — again — don’t show it. More importantly, show appreciation and respect by applauding the designer after the show.

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