These Are The Asia-Pacific Designers for Swarovski’s 2017 Collections

Swarovski lends support to Asia-Pacific designers for 2017 collections to be showcased in Shanghai Fashion Week. 

As part of their outreach program in supporting local talents on an international platform, Swarovski recently announced its latest creative collaboration with Asia-Pacific fashion designers for their Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter 2017 collections. For the second year running, these designers will be given the opportunity to craft beautiful pieces using Swarovski’s celebrated crystals.

GlamAsia - Swarovski Collaboration - 2 Fashion Designers Haizhen Wang, Ping He, and Fang Yang

The chosen designers are tasked to incorporate the Swarovski crystals to five looks for their ready-to-wear collections. These will be showcased to buyers and press during Shanghai Fashion Week come October 2016. Who are they? The designers who will exhibit their Spring/Summer 2017 and Autumn Winter 2017 collections include Fang Yang (by Fang), Haizhen Wang, and Ping He, designers who have already collaborated with Swarovski previously. They will be joined by newcomers, Simon Gao and Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales of Australian brand, Romance was Born.

GlamAsia - Swarovski CollaborationFashion Designers Anna Plunket and Luke Sales (of Romance was Born) and Simon Gao

We can’t wait to see what this promising batch of fashion designers have to offer as they showcase their Swarovski creations on the runway for Shanghai Fashion Week. By reaching out to creative dreamers, Swarovski’s program is not only a fashion collaboration; it’s a venue to hone genuine talent.

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