evian & Christian Lacroix Reunites For Designer Bottle Collab

Spot the iconic Paseo pattern of the couture house on the latest Evian designer bottles.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of evian water’s annual designer bottle series, the brand is going back to its roots – back to the first collaboration that started it all, that is. To ring in its decade-old campaign, evian worked with couture house Christian Lacroix, the first creative house ever to adorn the bottles with its iconic Paseo pattern back in 2007.


10 years later, the embroidery Paseo pattern is refreshed to honour the live young spirit of evian in this reunion, at the same time also reflecting the creative Parisian vibrancy of the House of Christian Lacroix. Now, for the first time in a decade, plastic (known as PET) bottles from the designer bottle collaboration will be launched in Singapore. Bottoms up: choose between two colours and two bottle types – Blue or Pink, and glass bottle or PET bottle.

The evian® x Christian Lacroix bottles will be available at SGD8 per 75cl glass bottle from 16 November 2016, and SGD4 per 50cl PET bottle from January 2017 onwards in Singapore.



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