The Chanel “J12.XS” Is Your New Statement Accessory

Chanel’s “J12.XS” watch collection comprises of exquisite pieces which double up as statement accessories. 

In 2000, former Artistic Director of Chanel, Jacques Helleu created the iconic “J12” watch. This timeless watch was designed to fit the house’s masculine-feminine style and made to the world-class standards of watchmaking. As part of its evolution, Chanel created the “J12.XS” collection – a versatile yet powerful take on the iconic watch.

GlamAsia - J12 Chanel “J12.XS” Small Cuff and High Jewellery Ring Watches

As a unique yet elegant approach to watch design, Chanel goes “extra small” for the J12.XS timepieces with a 19-millimetre dial. The watches come in the house’s signature colours (black and white) and can be worn with or without its accompanying leather cuff. The other variations are as fashionable as the basic piece; fingerless gloves, large cuffs, and a ring make telling time chicer than ever. Each J12.XS piece comes in exquisite materials such as calfskin leather, steel, ceramic, and diamonds. The house even added new style collaborations with Maison Lesage and Maison Causse, Chanel’s long-term partners in creating exceptional embroideries and leather gloves.

GlamAsia - The Chanel "J12.XS" is a Stylish Watch and Accessory In One - J12.XS - 2 Chanel “J12.XS” High Jewellery Large Cuff and Black Gloves Watches

Chanel’s J12 watch may be irreplaceable as a timeless piece, but the J12.XS will undoubtedly make its mark as a statement accessory. With its dual purpose and sleek combinations, it’s more than just your investment piece.

“J12. XS” will retail from SGD7,550 to SGD12,000 and will be available at the Chanel Fine Jewellery Boutique from September 2016 onwards.

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