5 Wrinkle-Fighting Foods to Eat Now

Munch your way to the fountain of youth with five foods that keep wrinkles at bay.

What you put in your body is reflected on your outside appearance – no beauty product can beat that. One of the benefits from eating the right food is getting healthy and younger-looking skin. Although we can never stop aging and its effect on our skin, we can fight it and not look a day older. Stock your pantry with these five foods to help beat wrinkles and other signs of aging.

GlamAsia - 5 Wrinkle-Fighting Foods to Eat Now - NutsNuts are anti-wrinkle food (©Nitrub/depositphotos)


Nuts are a good source of Omega-3 which are fatty acids that slow down the process of aging. They also contain Vitamin E which helps prevent skin problems such as acne and eczema. So instead of grabbing a bag of potato chips for a snack, substitute it with nuts – just remember to eat it in moderation.


Grapes are rich in Resveratrol, a compound that provides antioxidants which help repair tissue cells and prevent inflammation. It also contains Vitamin C and manganese that shield your skin from harmful UV rays. This could be considered as a natural sunblock but it’s still best not to skip applying real sunblock before you head out.


If you grew up with a mom telling you to eat tomatoes to get rosy cheeks, then now you’ll know she was (more or less) right all this time. Tomatoes are good for your skin as they are brimming with Vitamin C, the key to firmer skin. They are, of course, famous for having Lycopene which not only protects your skin from UV damage but also gives you glowing skin.


Berries are packed with antioxidants that prevent your skin from free radicals, therefore avoiding wrinkles and fine lines. With its high content of Vitamin C, more collagen is formed which firms the skin and evens out your skin tone. Skin is also renewed through cell regeneration, a way for you to have a fresh-looking complexion.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea is famous for its qualities of burning those extra calories, but what most don’t know is that it also helps you get younger-looking skin. It aids the skin in maintaining a healthy cycle of repair and renewal. This potent antioxidant helps reduce age spots and skin sagging, so have yourself a good cup of green tea everyday.

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