Chanel Adds The V-Flash To Its Anti-Aging Le Lift Range

When it comes to skin, age matters. Combat aging with Chanel’s latest addition to the Le Lift line: the V-Flash.

As one of the leading luxury brands in the world, Chanel innovates not only in fashion but also in beauty. The brand knows that a woman cannot truly feel beautiful by just carrying the latest designer bag or donning an elegant frock. She needs to take care of herself and the one way to do that is to maintain an effective skincare regimen.

GlamAsia - Chanel Adds The V-Flash To Its Anti-Aging Le Lift Range - 1Chanel Le Lift range

Age remains a main factor in maintaining impeccable skin, and Chanel has just the range to meet the needs of women who want to preserve their skin’s youthfulness: the Le Lift. At the core of this anti-aging line is the patented 3.5-DA, an active Chanel-exclusive ingredient that identifies, adapts and targets the signs of aging by restoring the skin’s texture and glow.

GlamAsia - Chanel Adds The V-Flash To Its Anti-Aging Le Lift Range - 2Chanel Le Lift V-Flash & Le Lift Massage Accessory

New to the range is the V-Flash, a quick absorbing and lightweight gel that delivers an immediate tightening effect – like getting the results of a facelift in a flash. Need a quick re-energising boost to your skin, say before a special event? One pump of this radiance booster is what you need for a pick-me-up.

Need a new beauty accessory that screams “fashion”? The Anti-Wrinkle Massage Accessory is the range’s first limited edition beauty tool that is designed to complement your facial features for ease of application. Use it with your Le Lift creams and massage mask and let it “bulldoze” your skin to wrinkle-free perfection.

The Le Lift V-Flash and Le-Lift Massage Accessory will retail at SGD148 for 15ml and SGD70 respectively. They will be available from 5th August 2016.



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