5 Things To Take Note Of Before Proposing

Be sure your partner reads this and takes note of some very important particulars before he proposes.

It’s not just the men who have to do some careful planning when it comes to popping the big question. Admit it. You’d not only like to get proposed to while looking fabulously put together (especially if those newly engaged photos will be hitting social media), but also be able to take in every meaningful detail that will commemorate the newest chapter of your love story. For a perfectly smooth proposal with a definite “yes” in the end, be sure your partner reads this and takes note of some very important particulars.

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Private or Public?

Pick a situation that is most comfortable for you. Do you want your special moment shared with all your friends and family? Or do you want it more intimate – just the two of you and perhaps, a stealth photographer on the side to document everything?


Choose your favourite place. Is it a park, a rooftop, a garden, a restaurant? It should be a place that is sentimental l to you –be it a place where you first met, first kissed, the location of your first date or your usual spot for a Saturday night.

Grand or simple?

Do you prefer an extravagant gesture like a proposal at the stadium or a flash mob at the mall? Or something simpler and more romantic, like a walk in the park or a rooftop dinner for two?

Details for a romantic mood

There are little touches you can add here and there to make the moment extra memorable. You can play the song that is meaningful to you both in the background, give her a large bouquet of her favourite flowers, a serving of a dessert she loves and after she’d said “Yes!” pop open a bottle of champagne or wine you both like.

Grooming of your bride-to-be

No girl wants to look drab while getting proposed to. And so a little help from her sisters and girlfriends might be needed to ensure she looks her very best. The beauty checklist includes: a blowout, freshly manicured nails, natural-looking makeup (better be waterproof!), and perhaps a blouse or dress that that makes her look and feel extra beautiful.

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