5 Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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Give your makeup brushes a good cleaning tonight with these five methods.

Keeping your makeup brushes clean will not only mean germ-free tools that help prevent future breakouts. Clean makeup brushes also gives you the best coverage and the truest, most vivid colour application on your face. Here are five ways to clean them, all requiring little to no effort at all.

Shampoo Method

Whether real or synthetic, the brush bristles are still, well… hair. Might as well treat them the same way you would care for your mane and that is, by giving them a good shampooing.

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How to do it: Fill a small bowl with warm water (enough to submerge the heads of your brushes), then add about a tablespoon of baby shampoo. Dip your brushes one by one and swirl it around the bottom of the bowl. This will loosen up the dirt and makeup residue from the bristles. After lathering all the brushes, allow them to soak in the warm water, but no longer than ten seconds. Rinse each brush using cold running water. Dry the brushes using a towel, squeezing the heads to remove excess water.

Finally, lay them flat on a dry towel, with the brush heads suspended from the surface meaning, they are not to touch the table or counter you are using. Allow them to completely dry for several hours or overnight. As for the handles, simply use antiseptic wipes or some rubbing alcohol to clean and disinfect them.

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