Are You Washing Your Hair Correctly?

Think you know how to wash your hair? You might have to reconsider after reading this.

Shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse, and then dry off. Sounds generally easy… but are you sure you’re washing your hair the right way? Washing your hair may feel like second nature, but it’s the small little things that count. From the temperature of your shower, to the amount of product you should squeeze out, we share the correct steps to get the most out of your hair wash.

GlamAsia - Are You Washing Your Hair Correctly - 1Get the most out of your hair wash with these steps (Photo by: valuavitaly)

First, give your hair a gentle brush through

Gently brush your hair, concentrating on your scalp for a little DIY hair massage. It stimulates circulation, strengthening your hair before you even step into the shower. Detangling your strands also ensures that you won’t have to tug on your hair too hard while you rinse later.

Rinse your hair with lukewarm – not hot – water

Lukewarm water opens up your cuticle and loosens the oils that have built up on the surface of your scalp. Remember: as much as you’d appreciate it on a cold morning, avoid a hot, steamy shower. It’ll dry out your strands.

Condition, not shampoo, first – if you have long hair

If you have long hair, consider conditioning first. Conditioning your hair ends will help keep them moisturised while you work on shampooing your scalp. Furthermore, conditioning takes time – might as well start with a conditioner to make the best out of your time in the bathroom. Always condition from mid-length to the ends – never from the roots.

Shampoo only at the scalp 

Take a quarter-sized amount of shampoo and start working your way from roots to ends, focusing on your scalp. The strands near to the scalp are oilier and require more attention as compared to the older, more fragile strands at the ends.

Don’t scrub your scalp! Applying light pressure will do the cleansing trick. Also avoid applying a circular motion as this method will only tangle your hair. Instead, try applying vertical strokes from top to bottom.

Rinse off with cool water

You won’t like this – but your hair will love you for it. Finishing off with a cool water rinse will help seal your hair cuticles, allowing the benefits of your products to be enhanced.

Towel-dry before styling

Don’t run straight for the blowdryer after your shower. Make sure you towel-dry your tresses before you subject your hair to heat styling. Finally, always apply a protectant product to keep your hair protected against heat or styling damage.

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