Makeup Techniques That Make You Look Younger

Forget about facelift — cop these easy makeup techniques that will help make you look younger.

We can slow down aging, but signs of aging eventually show up and may become too obvious to miss. Are you thinking of ways to update your look without going through a facelift? Cop these easy makeup techniques that will make you look younger.

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Replicate dewy skin

Have you noticed how supple fresh, dewy skin looks from afar? This is the glow that you are going for. Aside from sweating it out at the gym, applying a luminising foundation can create the same effect on your skin while not settling on those fine lines.

Lightly feather brows

Heavy drawn-in brows look harsh and unnatural in contrast to the rest of your face. As much as possible, drawing light, feathery strokes along your brows will soften your features. The goal is to let it look slightly thicker but soft.

Use plumping lip gloss

Dry, chapped lips can visibly age you. Solve this dilemma by moistening and dabbing gloss on the center of your lips for an instant plumping effect.

Colour correct dark circles

Having dark circles can make you look stressed and tired, and unfortunately, catching up on sleep may not be enough. For a completely refreshed mien, use an orange colour corrector underneath your favourite concealer to completely erase those unsightly shadows.

Fill in lashline with eye pencil

We all love having thick eyelashes. Softly drawing a pencil along your upper lash line — like a tight line — defines your eyes and brings back its former lushness. Just avoid drawing on the lower line as well. This will make you look older.

Apply cream blush on the cheeks

Flushed, pink cheeks is a sign of youth. Recreate this look anytime by applying cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. Compared to dusty powder blush that sits on top of your skin and easily fades, cream blushes last longer and look more natural on your face, giving you a healthy-looking flush at the end of the day.

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