Your #MadeToMeasureBody With Clarins

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What if the body shape that you desire has the chance to look even better than it already does? Seems like owning those curves just got a little less challenging. 

It’s a given: exercising and eating right are the fundamental building blocks in helping our body become healthier – whether we’re looking to shave some calories to lose weight, or we’re aiming to pack those muscles to shape up. But more often than not, we neglect taking care of our body and the fabulous visible results that fitness and diet bring. That’s when body care comes in. Ladies, when it comes to getting into shape, it’s all down to the Big Three: regular exercise, healthy diet, and effective body care.

GlamAsia - Your Ideal Body Shape With Clarins MadeToMeasureBody - 1Clarins #MadeToMeasureBody Masterclass

To help us (and our bodies) put these three key essences into perspective, Clarins invited us to the Clarins #MadeToMeasureBody Masterclass. For a brand with more than 60 years of expertise in body treatments, it comes as no surprise that Clarins values the body as how it should, or can, be – only even better. Reality check: using products alone is not enough. But how about products that double up as your gym buddies? That’s how Clarins is taking body care to the next level – and that’s why you should keep reading.

GlamAsia - Your Ideal Body Shape With Clarins MadeToMeasureBody - 2Jasmine Chong leading the Bow pose

Yoga instructor and founder of Yoga Lab, Jasmine Chong, started off the evening by leading us through a series of yoga movements that target three common pain points for the ladies: the belly, arms and thighs area. From basic yoga move like Downward Facing Dog and the Plank that stretch and strengthen the whole body, to targeted moves like the Side Plank and the Bow that focus on specific parts of the body, yoga allows the individual to customise a made-to-measure routine according to personal body goals.

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