Face Cleansing Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

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These unsuspecting habits can be damaging to your skin. Here are some face cleansing mistakes you don’t know you’re making.

Everyone thinks that cleansing your face is a pretty simple task: just wash regularly and always be sure to remove all traces of makeup. But do you know that some unsuspecting habits can aggravate your skin? Ahead, we reveal the face cleansing mistakes you don’t know you’re making — until now.

GlamAsia - Cleansing Mistakes You Don't Know Youre Making - Feat What you don’t know can damage your skin in the long run (123rf/andresr)

Cleansing with extreme water temperature

Splashing off with hot water can cause capillaries to break, which accounts for redness to occur. Continuous use of cold water, on the other hand, may harden sebum and clog your pores overtime. At best, stay on middle ground and cleanse using lukewarm water.

Rubbing dry with towel

After cleansing, your natural instinct would be to grab a towel and dry your face. Your skin, however, is quite delicate. The rough surface of a towel can cause fine lines and wrinkles, and even irritate your skin. Always remember to tap your face gently instead of rubbing, and use a smoother cloth.

Using mismatched cleanser

All of us are born with different skin types. Likewise, facial cleansers shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. If your skin is oily, gel cleansers are most effective in lifting off sebum. On the flipside, dry skin would need a cleanser with creamier and richer texture to preserve moisture.

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