What It Means To Be A Modern Day Woman

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Girl power! Can you identify with these five traits that make today’s modern woman?

There is something so attractive about the modern woman today, and it has nothing to do with her trendy clothes, blown out hair and perfect makeup. She can’t help but command attention because she’s confident, knows herself better than anyone else, knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after her dreams.

GlamAsia - What It Means To Be A Modern Day Woman - Heidi NazarudinEntrepreneur & CEO of Blogger Babes, Heidi Nazarudin, is the epitome of the modern woman (theambitionista.com)

She has also proven that female power is a journey that one chooses to take, and it comes from a place of inner strength. We share five traits that identify today’s modern woman. 

She makes her own moves

She takes responsibility for her life. She’d rather risk being rejected with the word “No” than just sitting on the side-line wishing someone else will lead her to opportunities. The modern woman knows she is “The Boss”, and makes no apologies making her own decisions and mapping out her life. 

She is fearless

She puts her doubts aside, faces her fears, gets into the driver’s seat and navigates her way towards the direction of her dreams. She also knows how to choose her battles wisely. She fights for what she believes in instead of struggling to win the approval of others.

A strong, modern woman also empowers other women by sharing what she knows, or telling her own personal story about changing one’s destiny. Watch as South Korean actress and amateur boxing champion, Lee Si-Young shares the beauty and power of never quitting and being true to oneself – in this inspirational video by SK-II.

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