Review: Clarins Whitening Activator Treatment

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If uneven skin or a dull-looking complexion is on your list of skincare concerns, you must try Clarins Whitening Activator Treatment. GlamAsia Editor Becks tries and tells.

“Am I in skin spa heaven?” – my exact sentiments as I settled into the Rosemary room at Clarins Skin Spa, ready for a pampering time from my Clarins Whitening Activator Treatment. They say that it’s all the little details that count, and for Clarins… there is no doubt that they got everything down to skin perfection.

GlamAsia - Review- Clarins Whitening Activator Treatment - 1Clarins Skin Spa at Wheelock Place, Singapore

With its newly formulated Clarins Pro Formula concoctions, the Clarins Whitening Activator Treatment promises instant skin radiance and longevity with a recommended home skincare routine. True enough: with a combination of its high-performing Pro Formula products and the Clarins Touch – a 100% manual hand massage technique – my glowing skin felt like it just woke up from a long overdue beauty sleep.

And it’s not just that. From the interior of the treatment room to the deft hand massages that can only be the renowned Clarins Touch, everything was tailored for the ultimate pick-me-up to your senses (yes, all five senses). Mind you, there are just some unique add-ons you’ll never imagine would be so valuable to your overall experience.

GlamAsia - Review- Clarins Whitening Activator Treatment - 2Designated grooming area with free-to-use make-up products at Clarins Skin Spa

Before my treatment, my beauty therapist Liza sat down with me for a quick chat over tea to understand more about my main skin concerns. Lack of radiance and dark circles were on top of my list, so I was recommended to give the Clarins Whitening Activator Treatment a try. Crafted to minimise pigmentation and brighten the skin, this treatment purifies and unifies to revive skin radiance and luminosity. Just what I needed – a facial fix that will take care of all my skincare qualms!

Boasting exceptional consistency in texture, the effects of the exclusive Clarins Pro Formula products are heightened when combined with the Clarins Touch. Unlike other facial boutiques that utilise machines during treatments, Clarins uses solely expert hand massage techniques – making it 100% manual and 100% customisable to address your concerns.

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