This Helps You Get Cristiano Ronaldo’s Six Pack

Want a body like football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo? The MTG SixPad promises to sculpt and tone your physique.

GlamAsia-A-SixPad-For-Your-Six-Pack-Feat-2Football Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo wearing MTG SixPad Abs Fit

Wishing for six pack abs but got no time to pack those crunches at the gym? Hold your breath — your fitness dreams are about to come true. Powered by CMM Pulse Core Technology, the MTG SixPad is the first training gear of its kind that sculpts and tones your body without heavy exercise. Unbelievable, you say?

For such a promising toning machine, the SixPad is delightfully lightweight and easy to use. Just strap it on and it is good to go — even beneath your clothes. At last, finding time to improve yourself is now possible regardless of your schedule.

GlamAsia-A-SixPad-For-Your-Six-Pack-2MTG SixPad Abs Fit, SGD299

As a product of advanced sports science research, the development of SixPad is inspired by and a result of employing Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) while studying football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s training regimen. That’s not all: Ronaldo was hands-on in its overall look and performance.

“For me, EMS is indispensable to daily training and an essential method of exercise. And exercising daily can lead to optimal physical performance. That is why the SIXPAD Abs Fit is a fantastic product which I believe will give anyone, regardless of their age, better abs,” says SIXPAD Global Ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo. A SIXPAD for your six pack, perhaps?

The MTG SixPad is available in two models: Abs Fit (for the abdominal area) retails at $299, and Body Fit (for the waist, arms and legs) retails at $229.

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