SK-II’s Marriage Market Takeover Honours The Leftover Woman

SK-II crashes China’s well-known marriage market to deliver an important message: there’s nothing wrong being a ‘leftover woman’.

Shang Nu, or ‘leftover woman’, is a stigma every Chinese woman has to endure if she is still unmarried over the age of 25. In a society where your marriage status becomes the measure of your worth, single Chinese women are now experiencing the pressure of meeting society’s expectations.

In line with SK-II’s #ChangeDestiny campaign of empowering women to be the driver of their own destinies, the skincare brand’s Chinese-targeted four-minute film zoomed into the lives of the real ‘Sheng Nus’ – of how they cope with the painful label while their families share their sentiments.

GlamAsia - SK-II’s Marriage Market Takeover Honours The Leftover Woman - 1SK-II showcase at China’s Marriage Market

The film also touched on the Marriage Market culture where parents took over the role of matchmakers, arranging marriages for their children in a park in China. Witness how SK-II takes over the traditional marriage market to positively uplift the meaning of a leftover woman — and why she will be a wonderful catch to the man she choose to love — just like any other woman.

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