Alexa Chung Revives Marks & Spencer Clothing Archive

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British style icon Alexa Chung revives Marks & Spencer’s latest collection titled ‘Archive by Alexa’.

Fashion girls, here’s your new it-place to shop. British style icon Alexa Chung is breathing new life into Marks & Spencer through a collaboration that revolves around reviving the brand’s classics — an effort set to rekindle your love for the old with a contemporary twist. This collection also marks the first of the ‘M&S’ series that will feature future collaborations with other style and tastemakers.

GlamAsia-Archive-by-Alexa-1British style icon Alexa Chung

With the collection named ‘Archive By Alexa Chung’, the style maven took over the creative process by rummaging through Marks & Spencer Company Archives, and drew inspiration from vintage films, magazines, and sourced pieces suitable for a modern update. With the aid of the M&S design team and Alexa’s unique fashion taste, classics were revived and crafted into chic and relevant clothing for today.

GlamAsia-Archive-by-Alexa-4Alexa Chung rummaging through the Marks & Spencer Company Archives

On top of conceptualisation and design, Alexa Chung also embraced the role of Creative Director for the campaign, driving the overall aesthetic with a primary focus — the story behind Marks & Spencer Company Archives.

GlamAsia-Archive-by-Alexa-3Alexa Chung rummaging through the Marks & Spencer Company Archives

“I have always had affection for Marks & Spencer. I am thrilled to be part of this special and unique project. There was something very touching about looking back through the British fashion and social history for which M&S  is synonymous,” said Alexa Chung. Click through the gallery to view the ‘Archive by Alexa’ Collection.

The ‘Archive by Alexa’ collection will be available from 14 April 2016 at M&S Wheelock Place, Singapore.

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