Décor Ideas For Small Spaces: Bathroom

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Spruce up your most intimate, private space with a dash of creativity and open mind. Make your small bathroom your favourite spot with these décor tips.

Beyond your usual shower routine, a small bathroom should not stop you from improving your experience while in it. Turn it into a place of rejuvenation by using design tricks that amplify that vibe. Ahead, spruce up your small bathroom with these clever ideas.

Visually widen space with large, reflective mirrors. Your bathroom offers the most privacy in your house. Aside from being the best place to check out your vanity, installation of mirrors will visually widen your space.

GlamAsia-Decor-For-Small-Spaces-Bathroom-8Over-The-Door Mirror, USD249 (potterybarn.com)

Every corner is important. Maximise the wall behind your bathroom door by attaching a body length mirror.

GlamAsia-Decor-For-Small-Spaces-Bathroom-7dFullen Mirror with shelf, USD9.99 (ikea.com)

For a minimalistic look, park your most important toiletries on the shelf of this borderless mirror.

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