5 Hair Hacks That Make Great Impact

From blowdrying your hair with your head facing downwards to using a sock bun while you sleep, here are five hair hacks that make great impact.

There’s no doubt that hairstyling requires effort. Knowing a few hair tricks that will save you a trip to the salon (and a potential hole in the wallet) is something worth learning. Here are the five hair hacks to help you up your hairstyling game.

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Pump up volume by blowdrying your hair with your head facing downwards

Hair can appear limp and lifeless when it’s humid or your hair isn’t dried properly. To pump up volume, tilt your head facing downwards as you comb and blowdry your hair. This simple trick introduces air into your hair’s roots and cause it to be lifted, creating a bit more volume.

Lighten your hair by spraying on a special chamomile rinse

Get ombré locks for summer by spraying on this lightening concoction of honey, lemon and chamomile tea. When used together, these ingredients act like hydrogen peroxide that naturally bleaches your hair. Spray on while you’re lounging at the beach to achieve a gorgeous honey golden tone.

Alternate hot and cool setting of blowdryer to set your hairstyle

Similar to how cold shower can smoothen your pores, blasting your hair with cool air — as you alternate with hot air when blowdrying — helps seal in the style that you have created.

Aluminum foil speeds up curling process and makes it last longer

Dealing with stick straight hair can be a struggle especially when you want long-lasting curls. Solve this dilemma by taking advantage of the conducting power from aluminum foil. Coil and wrap each of section of your hair sections in aluminium foil to magnify the heat. This will allow your curls to stay on for longer.

Achieve no-heat curls by twisting your hair in a sock bun and leaving it on while you sleep

If you have long hair and don’t have patience in using a curling wand, this hack is for you. Before you sleep, wash your hair and blowdry until slightly damp. Comb your hair and evenly distribute hair mousse on your strands. Then, twist your hair in a sock bun and leave it as it is overnight. Avoid frizz by wearing a microfiber beanie or lie in a silk pillowcase. When you wake up the next day, loosen and set those curls with tad of hairspray.

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