The Truths About Belly Fat

From prolonged sitting to your quality of rest, here are the truths to know about belly fat.

Forget about permanently flat abs. In reality, there are unexpected reasons why reducing fat on your tummy can be a challenge. We spill the truths about belly fat.

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Prolonged sitting can cause belly fat to accumulate.

Standing requires movement and energy as opposed to merely sitting down. Being sedentary for long periods of time can actually affect your glucose levels and increase our insulin resistance. This condition makes it ideal for unwanted belly fat to proliferate. When seated, make sure you sit upright.

Abdominal exercises won’t cut the fat.

Crunching only strengthens your muscles, but it won’t shake off the excess fat. Instead, a combination of proper diet, cardio exercises and weight lifting are encouraged to make more impact even if they are not directly targeted on your abs.

The quality of rest and belly fat is interconnected.

Circadian rhythms naturally signal your body to sleep. When this rhythm is thrown off balance, the quality of sleep also suffers and this affects your body’s metabolism. Simultaneously, this can also increase your cravings for sugar and refined carbs — foods that encourage the growth of fat on your tummy.

The fat you eat affects the fat you get.

Did you know that packing your diet with monounsaturated fats help you burn fat better? Aside from improving your satiety, it has also been found to up your metabolism levels. Time to stock up on olives, avocados and nuts!

Consumption of certain foods help you burn belly fat.

Foods high in fiber and protein fill you up and stave off your unhealthy cravings.  Your body also uses more energy when digesting protein, which is also derived from your stored fats.

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