5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Fitness

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Follow these five S-T-E-P-S that you can easily do on a regular day to improve your fitness.

Fitness is something we should never take for granted. Are you a busy person who doesn’t have the luxury of time to go to the gym, or someone who is on a tight budget and cannot afford to have a personal trainer? Don’t lose hope; you just need to find ways that are convenient for you. We share 5 simple S.T.E.P.S that you can easily do on a regular day to help improve your fitness.

Young woman stretching and relaxing in the cityA simple act of stretching can help you to reduce lower back pain, improve your posture & more (©nd3000/Dollar Photo Club)

Stretch it out

Does your back hurt or do you feel any muscle pain? Did you ever encounter difficulty in reaching things in the overhead cupboards? Yes, it can be frustrating not to be able to do simple tasks because of having tight muscles. Good thing there is that there is a simple solution – stretching.

Stretching helps to reduce lower back pain, decrease the severity of injuries, promote mental relaxation and can even improve posture. You can do some stretching as soon as you wake up or anytime of the day – just take a quick break at work and stretch out those tight muscles. If you have enough time, but not enough money, you can even do yoga at home by following instructional videos on the Internet.

Take a walk

Based on a study by Harvard Health Publications, walking improves cardiovascular health: at least nine miles per week of walking was connected to 22% lower death rate, and walking at least 30 minutes per day can lower your risk for coronary artery disease to 18% at least.

If you’re the type who prefers to sit on the couch all day, why don’t you take a short trip and walk to the kitchen or to your balcony? Walk your dog or walk in the park alone and appreciate the beauty of nature. If you’re someone who prefers to drive a car instead of taking the train or bus, you can intentionally park somewhere a little further and walk.

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