FUJIFILM’s Astalift Presents 3 Additions To Its White Skincare Series

FUJIFILM’s beauty arm, Astalift, introduced three new additions to its White skincare series at its new store opening at Wisma Atria, Singapore.

How did a photography company come up with the idea of a beauty division? Before you cast your doubts, know this: 50% of film is made out of collagen. With FUJIFILM’s expertise in skin cell research and nanotechnology, Astalift’s cutting-edgy beauty range debuted in Japan in 2007 and made its way to Singapore in 2011.

GlamAsia - FIJIFILM’s Astalift Presents 3 Additions To Its White Skincare Series - 1Astalift store at Wisma Atria, Singapore

This month, the Japanese beauty brand – known for its jello-textured anti-aging Astalift Jelly Aquarysta – opened its second flagship store at Wisma Atria, Singapore. Two times bigger than its first store, this new retail boutique is furnished with Astalift’s signature red shade with black and white accents, and boasts a private facial massage room – not for scheduled facial appointments, but for walk-in customers to experience products in an intimate environment.

Expect to see Astalift’s award-winning anti-aging skincare range, whitening series, and its Lunamer skincare sub-line on full display. The products are at the heart of Astalift and Fujifilm’s highly acclaimed innovations after all.

On top of its official flagship opening, Astalift also presented three new products to the Astalift White skincare series: the White Perfect UV Clear Solution, White Brightening Mask, and White Shield Drink.

GlamAsia - FIJIFILM’s Astalift Presents 3 Additions To Its White Skincare Series - 3Astalift White Perfect UV Clear Solution, SGD72 for 30g; Astalift White Brightening Mask, SGD22/SGD92 for 1 piece/6 pieces

The White Perfect UV Clear Solution is a sunscreen that not only protects your skin against the harmful UVA and UVB, it also uses an exclusive D-UV Guard protecting agent to offer advanced protection against Deep UVA – a function that is not currently offered by other sunscreen products in the market, according to Astalift. This surprisingly lightweight SPF50 sunscreen doubles up as a makeup base thanks to its Light Analyzing Powder, and along with the series’ signature ingredients – Nano AMA and Nano Astaxanthin – it protects and nourishes skin at the same time.

Seemingly for novelty’s sake, it is packaged with a UV Censor Cap that changes from white to purple when exposed to Deep UVA. A creative way to remind you to re-apply your sunscreen whenever necessary.

The new White Brightening Mask is powered by whitening ingredients to curb melanin production, its signature ingredients, and three types of collagen for skin radiance and clarity. To target the areas that are more susceptible to age spots and skin dullness – such as the cheeks and temples – the sheet mask features a dual-layer structure for double the action.

GlamAsia - FIJIFILM’s Astalift Presents 3 Additions To Its White Skincare Series - Astalift White Shield DrinkAstalift White Shield Drink, SGD60 for 10 bottles of 50ml

Because your skin radiance should also be stimulated from within, Astalift created the White Shield Drink, a caffeine-free beauty drink blended with 4mg of Nano Astaxanthin and pure collagen.

Flavoured with Peach and Lemon for that extra bit of tasty Vitamin C, this concoction is sweet but not overpowering, and does not leave a lingering aftertaste. Down a bottle in the morning, slather on your White Perfect UV Clear Solution, and you’re UV-protected for the rest of the day.

The Astalift White Perfect UV Clear Solution retails at SGD72 for 30g. The Astalift White Brightening Mask retails at SGD22/SGD92 for 1 piece/6 pieces. The Astalift White Shield Drink retails at SGD60 for 10 bottles of 50ml.



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