How To Remove Makeup Properly Once & For All

Learn how to completely remove all traces of makeup with these critical steps.

After a busy day of full makeup on, you hurry to wash your face and you are down to hit the snooze in New York time. Little do you know that invisible traces still hang on to your skin, and that sleeping with makeup on can be damaging. Instead of using an all-in-one cleansing wipe to remove your entire macquillage — eye makeup and all — learn these steps on how to remove makeup properly once and for all.

GlamAsia - How To Remove Makeup Properly Once & For All - FeatAs an essential step to healthy skin, it is critical to remove all traces of makeup from your face (©Liv Friis-larsen/Dollar Photo Club)

First, dissolve waxy substance with a makeup remover — and a targeted eye/lip makeup remover.

From the gummy glue of false lashes to the waxiness of lipsticks, eye and lip makeup remover is specifically formulated to be gentle on the sensitive areas of your face while strong enough to dissolve the sticky gunk.

To avoid tugging, place a soaked cotton pad on your eyes (and lips) for 30 seconds and softly wipe away the pigments. Put special attention on mascara as well, as this tends to be the hardest to remove.

Next, don’t cleanse your face yet. Loosen stubborn makeup with cleansing oil.

When it comes to effortless makeup removal, cleansing oils are the best. With oil as a base, it moisturises your skin while loosening the hold of stubborn waterproof makeup.

Now, wash away impurities with foaming cleanser.

Next, start washing your face. Since makeup is only loosened — not totally removed — the use of a foaming cleanser strips away the oiliness while lifting dirt and bacteria off your skin.

Rinse pores with warm water.

Rinse off lather with warm water. Compared to cold water, this slight increase in temperature opens up the pores, making it easier to clear all the dirt embedded beneath your skin.

Finally, seal complexion with toner.

Use a toner to completely remove all the residues left behind. You will be surprised how makeup can still linger after the previous steps. Toning also brings back the delicate PH balance level of your skin while minimising the appearance of your pores. Now you’re ready for your bedtime skincare routine.

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