Laneige Sparkles With 3 Exciting New Introductions

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Laneige sparkles with three spectacular new introductions — a global-first conceptual boutique, a first of its kind Beauty Mirror, and its latest global brand ambassador.

GlamAsia - Laneige Sparkles With 3 Exciting New Introductions - Laneige Flagship Store ION Orchard SingaporeLaneige debuts global-first concept boutique at ION Orchard, Singapore this month

Korean skincare brand Laneige is all geared up for a sparkling New Year. Earlier this month, Laneige introduced its newest store design at its relocated ION Orchard flagship boutique in Singapore. Showcasing the premium skincare brand’s ‘Water meets Light’ concept for the first time ever, three colours — white, blue and pink — along with metallic finishings and lighting placements, are primarily used to encapsulate Laneige’s sparkling new persona.

To enhance customer experience, the boutique’s unique interactive space will allow you to explore at your own pace. The blue zone gives you a quick overview of the brand’s best sellers — the Water Bank skin care line, displayed in sparkling blue acrylic panels, and the iconic BB Cushions, featured at a triple-ring sculpture corner. If cosmetics tickle your fancy, a dazzling array of makeup can be found at the pink zone. Should you need expert advice, beauty consultants are on standby to give tips and recommendations on the best products that will best fit your regimen.

GlamAsia - Laneige Sparkles With 3 Exciting New Introductions - Laneige Lip CardAmong the flagship boutique’s three exclusive products is the Laneige Lip Card

Not to be missed are the flagship boutique’s exclusive products: the Water Science Mist, Sleeping Ball and Lip Card. Here’s the most thrilling part: don’t leave the store without striking a pose in front of the first-of-its-kind Beauty Mirror, an in-house app (also available on mobile for iOS and Android users) that allows you to experiment with different looks by virtually putting makeup on your visage. What can we say? This is the new “try before you buy”.

GlamAsia - Laneige Sparkles With 3 Exciting New Introductions - Lee Sung KyoungLaneige’s newest global ambassador, Lee Sung Kyoung, at the official flagship opening this month

Topping off Laneige’s latest developments for 2016 is the unveiling of the brand’s newest global ambassador, Korean model and actress Lee Sung Kyoung, who graced the official flagship opening this month. A rising starlet in the making, the 25-year-old is set to be the fresh face of the K-beauty brand’s new identity, “Sparkling Beauty”.

“I have been a true fan of LANEIGE Products since I started modeling and I know of many models in the industry who use them too. Hence, I am honoured to be chosen the face of a trusted brand that is well-loved by Asian women,” said Lee Sung Kyoung. Click through gallery to view Laneige’s ION Ochard flagship boutique’s exclusive products.

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