Louis Vuitton SS 2016 Stuns With Final Fantasy & Jaden Smith

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Doona Bae, Final Fantasy XXI‘s Lightning and Jaden Smith front Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2016 collection campaign titled ‘Series 4’.

Creative director Nicholas Ghesquière has a vision for Louis Vuitton – and he will stop at nothing to stun, shock and surprise the audience with every collection and campaign. An artful continuation of the visual conversation between various artists that began at “Series 1”, “Series 4” will convey the fashion house’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection in a triptych.

Known for their dexterity with storytelling and fantasy making, the proprietors behind the latest series are Juergen Teller, Japanese video game and manga creator Square Enix, and Bruce Weber.

GlamAsia - Louis Vuitton SS 2016 Stuns With Final Fantasy & Jaden Smith - Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016 - Lightning Final FantasyLightning for Louis Vuitton ‘Series 4’ by Square Enix

Korean actress Doona Bae is the heroine behind Juergen Teller’s imageries, seemingly levitating against the blue, sun-lit sky of Miami, Florida. Square Enix reimagines Final Fantasy XIII’s heroic character Lightning as the virtual fashion heroine for Louis Vuitton. Bruce Webber takes to the streets of Tampa, Florida to capture the very essence of four protagonists: Sarah Brannon, Rianne Von Rompaey, Jean Campbell, and – surprise, surprise – Jaden Smith dressed in a black leather jacket over a white cotton and metal embroidered top and kilt ensemble. Womenswear, no less.

Known for his gender bending fashion (donning womenswear and skirts underneath long tops) and nonconformist attitude, Jaden Smith represents a new breed that celebrates freedom in fashion. Along with Doona Bae and Lightning, they are the unprecedented Louis Vuitton muses of a new era. Click through the gallery for Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2016 campaign images.

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