How To Beat Holiday Party Hangover

With all the holiday parties you’ve been rocking, it’s only a matter of time before a hangover kicks in. Ease the symptoms by knowing how to beat holiday party hangover.

Waking up to the dreaded hangover? Bounce back with these steps (©gstockstudio/Dollar Photo Club)

We get it — it is easy to get carried away and fully relax at parties. But having too much to drink is just a matter of time till a hangover kicks in. So what can you do to recover from it? Here are our remedies to help ease your hangover.

Drink plain water.

Alcohol is a diuretic, so your body loses water faster than it normally would, causing you to be dehydrated. Counter this by downing a few glasses of water. This works in two ways: water replenishes your body with the water that you have lost, and it also cleanses your system of toxic elements.

Eat heavy breakfast.

Drinking alcohol without any food in your stomach is a big no-no. To neutralise the acidity caused by alcohol, load up on a heavy meal with carbs and meat. This helps absorb the acid and also bring back your energy.

Take a spoonful of honey.

When you have a hangover, your blood sugar and electrolytes tend to dip. This is also probably the reason why you are experiencing fatigue. For instant relief, taking a spoonful of honey can help ease your pounding headache and normalise your blood sugar level.

Avoid drinking coffee.

Some people do this, but it is safest not to. A diuretic itself, coffee is also quite acidic and may aggravate your hangover symptoms.

Have a good sleep.

Great news if you’re not going to work the next day. All in all, the remedies mentioned above are meant to speed up your recovery. But if you have the luxury of rest the morning after, do yourself a favour by sleeping and allowing your body to naturally restore its health.

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