National Museum of Singapore Opens British Museum’s Treasures of the World

National Museum of Singapore collaborates with British Museum to launch ‘Treasures of the World’ exhibition — and works with Lee Hwa Jewellery to revive a majestic 4,500 year-old necklace for charity.

Beginning first week of December, National Museum of Singapore opened ‘Treasures of the World from the British Museum’ exhibition with Guest of Honour, Minister Grace Fu. Encompassing more than two million years of ancient culture and history, the exhibition features relics and treasures from continents around the world.

GlamAsia-Singapore National Museum Opens Treasures of the World By The British Museum-1Guest of Honour Minister Grace Fu looks at the stone handaxe that is about 800,000 years old — one of the oldest artefacts in the exhibition (Image courtesy of the National Museum of Singapore)

Besides visiting the exhibition, visitors can also enjoy public programmes such as workshops, curated tours, lectures by representatives from the British Museum and other historians, as well as theatre performances in the gallery.

GlamAsia-Singapore National Museum Opens Treasures of the World By The British Museum-4At the Young Explorers’ Zones, children can take a closer look at some of the artefacts on display  (Image courtesy of the National Museum of Singapore)

The exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive show from the British Museum’s collection in Singapore to date. One of the most notable displays are the 19th century Javanese mask and a kris and scabbard owned by Sir Stamford Raffles during his time in Southeast Asia.

Aside from these, a 4,500 year-old necklace from Ur (present-day Iraq) is showcased, which also serves as the inspiration behind Singapore jeweller house, Lee Hwa Jewellery’s modern interpretation of the necklace named Sovereign.

GlamAsia-Singapore National Museum Opens Treasures of the World By The British Museum-Sovereign-3Lee Hwa Jewellery’s ‘Sovereign’ inspired by the 4,500 years-old necklace found in Ur (present-day Iraq)

“Lee Hwa Jewellery is very passionate about the preservation of rich heritage from around the world. This exhibition with its extensive jewellery collection is a very strong indication of the influence of such incredible finds on today’s designs and craftsmanship and we are proud of our partnership with the National Museum of Singapore and the British Museum,” said Adeline Chang, Brand Manager of Aspial-Lee Hwa Jewellery.

Crafted in partnership with the National Museum of Singapore, Sovereign is made of Lapis Lazuli — a material used in the original necklace — and 18K gold and diamonds, which provided the modern opulent twist. It is luxuriously priced at SGD12,800, and will be put on a display tour in every Lee Hwa Jewellery boutiques until 29 May 2016.

Once sold, all proceeds will go to the National Museum of Singapore in conjunction with Lee Hwa’s support towards heritage and art.

Update: The one-of-its-kind Sovereign necklace has been sold and will no longer be available for display.

For more information on the display tour of Lee Hwa Jewellery’s Sovereign necklace, visit

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