Glam’s Top 10 Beauty Tips Of 2015

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As part of GlamAsia’s round-up series, here are our top 10 beauty tips of 2015.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if you are curious to find out how to accentuate your beautiful face even further, it’s from the beauty regimens that you’ve been religiously following for the past year. To continue off GlamAsia’s 2015 round-up series, here are our top ten beauty tips for the year.

seprimoris/Dollar Photo Club)

Tip 1: Complement the arch of your brows according to your face shape.

If you want to know your best eyebrow shape, following the shape of your face is your ultimate guide.

Tip 2: In Your 20s? It’s time to take your skincare regimen seriously.

These simple yet fundamental steps will help you have the best skin for decades to come.

Tip 3: Transform the look of your hair by learning the proper way of caring for it.

Want a lush, gorgeous mane? Turns out there are more ways to care for your hair than simply washing it.

Tip 4: Don’t let seemingly harmless habits affect your beauty health in the long run.

Prevention is better than cure. Minimise skin and hair damage by avoiding these five bad beauty habits that you could be completely clueless about.

Tip 5: Sunflower oil is the skincare holy grail you have been dreaming of.

You have to know this: Sunflower oil offers a lot of miraculous benefits – even if you have no time for a lengthy skincare routine.

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