Glam’s Top 10 Fashion Tips Of 2015

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Now that 2015 is coming to a close, we round up 10 of GlamAsia’s best fashion tips.

Can you believe it? We’re inching towards the New Year in less than a month’s time. As we bid goodbye to 2015, we share 10 of our best fashion tips of the year. From boosting your confidence to helping you become a more fabulous version of yourself — as part of GlamAsia’s end-of-year roundup series — here’s a quick recap of our top 10 fashion tips for 2015.

GlamAsia - Small-chested? Play up your small bosom with these pieces. Givenchy Blazer in cross-print black cady, USD2,940 (

Tip 1: Small-chested? Play up your small bosom with these pieces.

Who says you can’t play up on smaller bosoms? We shared how your assets can be emphasised by using flattering textures and cuts.

Tip 2: In your 30s? Update your wardrobe with these tips.

Are you splurging on a timepiece or donning only trending pieces? These do’s and don’ts of wardrobe styling for the 30-somethings will help you become a tad wiser in knowing what to hang on to and what to let go of.

Tip 3: Find your best bra fit.

Understanding how to find your best intimate fit is one of the essential must-knows for a woman. Discover how you can measure your band size and cup size to achieve ultimate comfort — and quiet confidence.

Tip 4: Here are the staples that you should totally steal from the boys.

Donning menswear is something we never shy away from. Up your fashion ante with these five menswear pieces you can incorporate in your daily wardrobe.

Tip 5: Decode the right denim cut to your body type.

Are you pear shape or apple shape? Do you have a shorter or longer torso? Whatever your body type, we picked out the best denim cuts for you.

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