How To Pack Like A Savvy Jetsetter

Become a savvy jetsetter with these handy tips on optimising your luggage space.

Woman Packing For Vacation Trying To Close Full Suitcase Be a savvy jetsetter using these packing tips (©Monkey Business/Dollar Photo Club)

Work or leisure? No matter. The unpleasant reality of baggage allowance and TSA guidelines are sufficient reasons why being prepared and in-the-know can liberate you from unnecessary stress and anxiety — and even save your precious time and money. Want to be a savvy jetsetter? Here’s our tips on how to pack light and optimise your luggage space.

Roll up your clothes.

Ask any flight attendant and they’ll tell you that it’s their secret to optimising their luggage-sized wardrobe. Rolling up your clothes not only maximises all the nooks and crannies of your luggage, this simple trick also preserves the pressed look of your clothes. Adios, blouse wrinkles!

Travel-size everything.

Can’t bear to part with your beauty stash? Get your favourite products in travel-friendly sizes. Apart from lightening your load, packing in travel-size items will make sure you don’t get on the bad side of TSA rules — and can even save extra space for your holiday shopping later.

Shoes are space-consuming.

Being the stylish woman that you are, packing in your five pairs of shoes can be a tiresome experience — that it comes as no surprise that they take up so much baggage space. Be sensible, and pick your favourite pair to accompany you through your journeys.

Group all your valuables according to type and place them together.

If there’s any fitting invention that’s most practical and useful for travellers, it’d be those ziplock bags. Not only do they protect your belongings from accidental spillovers or the likes, it also helps you stay organised when you pack. Ziplocks are also a great tool to group valuables all in one container especially when going through the dreaded airport security scanners. Should your stuff be closely inspected, bringing them out of your luggage would cause you no headache.

Layer on clothes when you enter the plane.

Try layering on clothes as you travel. Consider yourself a storage system for that luxurious winter coat that will keep you warm all throughout your flight and holiday trip.

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