How To Combat Winter Static Hair

Stay chic and static-free for the holidays through these practical tips on how to combat winter static.

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As you look forward to envelope yourself in your favourite scarves for the chilly season, the onset of winter also signals that the dreaded electric static is looming. Due to extreme cold and dryness, ions surrounding you become positively charged, causing hair to go haywire. To stay chic and static-free for the holidays, follow these practical tips on how you can combat winter static.

Boost hair moisture.

When dry and porous, hair becomes lighter and more susceptible to positive ions, which can cause your strands to stick out annoyingly. To address this, reduce the frequency of washing your hair — like once every two days. Each time you wash your hair, make sure you recondition it by using deep moisturising treatments. If you must blow dry, be sure to use an ionic hair dryer that works to infuse negative ions back into your hair.

Natural materials repel static.

To detangle your hair, avoid plastic combs and use natural materials like wood or metal instead. Likewise, it is best to wear natural materials such as cotton, wool or leather shoes because it lessens the impact of static. Rubber shoes, like plastic combs, tend to aggravate static.

Utilise humidifiers in your space.

Say goodbye to air dryness. Thanks to humidifiers, moisture can now be brought back to your environment, making it easier for you to breathe and ultimately diminishing those minor static shocks.

If all else fails, fall back on braids or top knots.

Winter might seem like a good time to let your hair fall on your shoulders. But when it comes to winter static, we still fall back on braids or top knots. Learn how to braid your hair or don an updo. There are step-by-step tutorials of different styles that you can easily follow, so you’ll never get bored in the winter gloom.



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