Holiday Party How-To: Host a Potluck Party

Throwing a party for the holidays? Organising a potluck gathering is a chic, modern and easy way to celebrate. Here’s how.

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For the holidays, organising a potluck party is a chic and modern way to celebrate with family and friends. Pitching in an array of cooked options from your respective kitchens, food preparation is more fun and practical. As the host, here are the points to consider for a successful potluck party.

Choose and plan a theme.
To ensure that your menu is coordinated, inform your guests of a unifying theme. This way, everyone will be able to maximise and enjoy what each person will bring. If possible, determine beforehand the exact contributions so you can also suggest changes that might need to be done.

Messy food is a no-no.
Like shrimps, tacos and soup, it is best to do away with food that requires too much effort to eat or is likely to spill or stain the carpet.

Ask for dietary restrictions or preferences.
Cover all bases by asking guests if they have certain food allergies or are vegetarians and adjust your menu accordingly.

Disposable utensils is your ally.
If there’s a reason why disposables were created, it is because of the sheer convenience they bring you — especially when you don’t have an extra hand to help you out with washing the dishes. To stay eco-friendly, make sure to segregate your trash before throwing them out.

Fruits and vegetables offer an interesting variety.
Offering fresh fruits and vegetables will certainly bode well for most guests’ palate. Different colours, tastes and textures will liven up any setup.

Most importantly, enjoy and socialise.
As the host, be prepared for last minute hiccups and be okay with them. Enjoying the evening with a group of friends and families warms the heart and the spirit, and is the ultimate goal of all parties.

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