Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Meditating

Meditation – upon waking – is a powerful holistic practice that helps you cope with the challenges of the day.

In our fast-paced setting, practicing meditation may seem inharmonious especially with the demands of our busy lives. Contrary to being out of touch with reality, it is an understated yet powerful practice that brings you closer to your inner being – and actually can help you cope better with the diverse challenges that you will face during your day.

Ahead, our top three reasons why you should start saying your om’s.

woman meditating with eyes closed.
Meditation helps you cope with the challenges of your day. (©igormojzes/Dollar Photo Club)

It energises and rejuvenates body. 

Increased tolerance for pain is said to be an amazing effect of meditation. Since it involves deep yet leisurely breathing, the lungs get stronger and your body becomes relaxed and more conducive for rest. Naturally, because body and mind is in equilibrium, peaceful sleep at night is easily achieved.

It boosts creativity and work performance.

If you’re in the creative field, the need for being in the zone is quite evident. Even for tedious daily tasks that need innovation, meditating improves the brain function that clearly brings to your consciousness’ forefront the inventive solutions that you already knew all along. Alternatively, alertness during the day is optimised to the maximum level.

It makes you happier and emotionally-balanced.

Aside from the mental and physical benefits, meditation is the time of the day where you actively tap your inner resources – or your core – where spiritual awareness and inspiration genuinely comes from. When performed continuously, you become more aligned and motivated to seek and pursue your unique purpose in life – which brings out the powerful and dynamic woman in you.

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