How To Wind Down and Relax For The Weekend

The weekend has finally arrived. Pause and breathe – we’re here to help you enjoy it.

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Having time to let your hair down, ease your mind and breathe is certainly to cherish after a long, stressful week. Being the alpha female that you are, it is easy to get caught up in the grind and keep the wheel spinning even when work is over. Since rest and play are equally vital to keep you healthy and happy — body and mind — here are four practical steps to help you optimise your break.

Unplug and get off the grid.

Having everything accessible at the touch of a button has the ability to invade your consciousness even during downtime. Step back and take control — leave your gadgets behind and be present at the moment. By doing this, you become aware of your own thoughts and stay in touch with your inner self again.

Pamper yourself.

Itching for that spa trip? Weekends are the perfect time to scratch that itch, so go ahead, indulge in a massage that will help you rest and revive your frazzled senses. The sensory experience helps you stay centered and calm. Alternatively, book a facial appointment to help you boost that glow on your skin. Having time to pamper yourself gives you the rejuvenation that you deserve.

Share meals with your loved ones.

Eating your favourite food is always delightful, especially when it’s shared with your loved ones. The more important reason behind this, however, is to relish the presence of other people and shift your mind away from stress. We are, after all, instinctively social and it is always refreshing to rekindle connections offline.

Have time for play.

Being able to do anything you want on your free day is the essence of play. Whether travelling, reading a book or just hanging out at the beach, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re enjoying it. Leaving your room to relax has an unexpected effect of enriching your mind and energising your body — preparing you to take on the challenges of the coming week.

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