Dry Brushing 101: What It Is and Why It’s Good For You

Dry Brushing is so simple, it works – and it’s the most literal expression of self-love you didn’t know you wanted.

Body scrubDry Brushing immensely gratifies your health and senses. (©kalim/dollarphotoclub)

Dry Brushing is one of the mind-blowing, yet least mentioned, forms of treatment that you can ever present yourself. For only five minutes a day, give your body the rejuvenation it deserves. Starting with natural bristles, dry brush the edge of your limbs all throughout the direction of the heart. Avoiding sensitive areas, repeat this step with your core. Here are the surprising benefits:

It’s like an invigorating massage.

With long, vigorous strokes, dry brushing improves circulation by directly stimulating the skin and the lymphatic system that flushes toxins embedded in your skin. As a result, bloating and stiffness can also be relieved.

 It removes unwanted cellulite and uneven skin tone.

Struggling with the unsightly? Dry brushing breaks down evident fat deposits and disperses them more evenly. Together with effective exfoliation, this practice unclogs pores and helps reduce the cellulites’ appearance, leaving you with smoother arms and legs.

It improves mental function and emotional well-being.

Best done before taking the shower, this is usually done at the start of your day. Making the time investment gives you a sense of tranquility where you’re totally focused on you. It also deeply relieves stress and provides you an overall feeling of wellness — it’s irresistibly addictive.

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